Adjustments & Acupuncture - When WAS the last time you had your spine checked?
Are you ready to liberate yourself from pain & dis-ease?    
Once your spine is well adjusted, you may notice:  

> Less pain 
> Better attitude
> Fewer health issues 
> Increased productivity
> Desire to eat real food   
> Increased performance   
> Sudden outbursts of joy 
>  Fewer ups and downs
> More trips to the gym and

                   the Motivation to Stay that Way!  

Please note: the Lakewood CO office is    
                      currently closed (6/27/17)  

Call 303-922-1341 and leave a message or email 
for a prompt response.   

Dr Deb is available for locum or part-time work at this time (CO, OR, VA, NY).  

 It's a great health practice to get our spines checked and adjusted on a regular basis!   

Gray’s Anatomy states that "Every organ, system and function of the human body is under the direct control of the central nervous system."

Dorland’s Medical Text states that “All body systems would be immobilized without the nervous system.  It controls and regulates every body activity down to the workings of the tiniest cell."  

Chiropractic states: "When the controlling intelligence is able to transmit mental impulses to all parts of the body free and unobstructed, we have normal action which is health." 

Your spine is your lifeline because it houses your nerve system and gives it protection.  We encourage people to receive spinal check ups and tune ups from an early age so that any damage to the body can be quickly minimized and long term health maximized!   
Many people have achieved a speedy solution to their health care woes with natural methods.  Why just the other day a person came in with a debilitating headache, and it was much much better by the time she left the office.  To set the record straight, we are not treating symptoms in chiropractic. However, it is usually symptoms that bring us in the door.  So if you read the testimonial page, it is there to help us see if what we have is something that can be helped by Chiropractic.

All conditions can be helped, just not all of the time.  I'm not in charge of what the body will prioritize when it starts healing your tissues.  What i know is that you are way better off not having blockages in the flow of your nerve system, than having them.  Because studies show that the weight of a dime compressing a nerve will shut down its function by 40% immediately.  

Bottom line:  your information superhighway is vitally important to normal health and we help keep you cruising down the road of life without major breakdowns!

Hi, I'm "Dr. Deb".  Let my 19 years of experience and personalized sessions work for you.  

 Full spine (specific)
                 Acupuncture (CO only) 
Muscle testing for weak/strong muscles Exercise and stretch recommendations

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