Adjustments & Acupuncture - When WAS the last time you had your spine checked?
Luis R...resting with moist heat and SOT blocks after gentle
adjusting methods & acupuncture
I am currently traveling from Glenwood Springs to see Dr Deb after a bus accident which left me unable to work.  The care I am receiving is safe and effective and I feel it is worth the effort.  I am getting better and better each trip!  Thank you, Debora!”
Bruce P...smiling and happy after his regular monthly adjustment 

"It is so great to be on maintenance care.  I notice how seldom I get colds and other symptoms these days.  A few years back, I had a much easier time of climbing a 14'er after Dr. Deb adjusted my foot and ankle before the hike.  I was able to get up and down that mountain like a billy goat!" 

Karen D...Another session of stress relief! 
 "Dr Deb and I met at a spinal screening at our church and my headaches have mostly left me alone since that time.  I used to have severe cluster and tension headaches, which were disabling and left me unable to function or sleep.  Except for times when I am having unusual amounts of stress in my life, I am fine these days. I also do MY part by eating well, and taking vitamins and nutritional supplements.  Together we are solving my health issues and I attribute a big piece of the stress relief to my neck adjustments!  Thanks..."

Erin S ... proud mother of Dylan,
3 months old and
thriving !!!!  
"I looked at my pregnancy as a natural process and expected things to go well as i did my reading and prepared calmly for what was ahead.  I hired a midwife and had adjustments to keep my pelvis aligned.  When I was a week overdue, I called Dr Deb to see if acupuncture could get the ball rolling.  It certainly seemed to, as I began to go into labor just 45 minutes after leaving her office!  Dylan's delivery was quick (especially for a first child) and everything went smoothly at the birthing center.  The hot tub really reduced my pain levels and my husband was able to be with me and assist me with emotional support.  I know that the last session at Dr. Deb's was the icing on the cake and ensured our success.  We are a happy and healthy family, and off to a good start!"   


Weezie H
2 years of pain gone without a trace  

"When I came to Dr. Deb I had been having significant pain in my left hip and leg for months.  The pain was so severe that I limped when I walked, I was unable to hike or walk my dog and climbing stairs was excruciating!  My naturopathic doctor (call the office for her phone number) suggested I go to Dr. Deb.  I felt better immediately and within 24 hours - ALL PAIN WAS GONE!!!  It was necessary for me to have follow up adjustments, more acupuncture and some taping to completely alleviate the problem.  But I have taken no drugs, I am healed and my life is awesome once again!  In just a few short months, Dr. Deb gave me my life back.  It truly was like a miracle - try adjustments and acupuncture - NOT DRUGS AND SURGERY!!!!"

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