Adjustments & Acupuncture - When WAS the last time you had your spine checked?
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Dr Deb and Elsa
a few basic neck exercises for you

Living the natural life
"After Chiropractic turned my health around, I felt compelled to give this gift of life to others."  Dr Deb knows firsthand what a downward health spiral feels like.  That is why she is committed to educating people about how important their spines are.  The body will not have to make up for lost time if it never has the chance to degenerate to begin with!  She continuously learns new techniques to assist the body in healing itself.  Health is ultimately an inside job.  Might you want to pay it forward to someone once you get well?  Please share your story with others.   

Dr. Deb Hirabai, D.C. is a 1996 graduate of Life University, Marietta, GA.  Look up a special message from Life's President Dr. Guy Reikman. 
He's a very inspiring speaker that will bring YOU hope, like he did me!   
After a health history, exam and discussion of your current situation,
we put together a solution to address your current problem areas and underlying patterns of dis-harmony and dis-ease.  We use a combination
of the following techniques to help you get back to your best.   

  •     Traditional Chiropractic adjustments
  •     Extremity adjustments including TMJ 
  •     Hand held adjusting instruments (Activator) 
  •     Applied Kinesiology (Muscle strength testing and balancing)  
  •     Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs
  •     Essential oils
  •     Rehabilitation Exercises 
  •     Kinesiotaping
  •     Supplements
We now also perform DOT Physicals!! (CO and OR)  

      "I affirmed health until I believed more in health than in sickness"
       Ever try adding the power of positive thinking to stay well?
       Louise Hay (now in her 90's) once had cancer and taught 
       people to say the following affirmation :

       "My body now restores itself to its perfect state of health!"  
       Healing is a moment where everything changes.  The impossible becomes 
       possible and the path opens up.  We might not know what's next but we can 
       stay in possibility.  

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