Adjustments & Acupuncture - When WAS the last time you had your spine checked?
Introductory offers:
Spinal checkup to determine if you need Chiropractic care?  $0

Spinal checkup with trigger point therapy on your sore muscle areas $20

Bring a friend: Two for one:  just $85
If your friend is a new patient, please add $20 (use button above)  

Regular Visits: 
Acupuncture session (CO only): $55

Chiropractic session (includes bodywork): $65

Chiropractic and Acupuncture session (CO only): $70

DOT Physicals: $60

Other information:  

House call rates:  add $20 to any service (use top button above)
Health Spending Accounts: Receipts with diagnosis and treatment codes can be provided.      
Prepaid plans: Ask!  

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